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Do you Have Soot Residues After a Fire in Salem?

4/1/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged foyer SERVPRO has the cleaners and know-how to effectively clean your fire damaged possessions.

SERVPRO can Provide Cleaning and Restoration Services in Salem

Once a fire ignites, it begins releasing partially combusted particles into the atmosphere. These particles can then travel throughout your structure and leave behind residues when contacting cooler surfaces.

When conducting fire restoration in Salem, our SERVPRO technicians put many efforts towards cleaning soot residues from your contents and building materials. Contents include your possessions and anything that is not permanently attached to your building. We can clean residues off of your contents using the following methods:

  • Foam Cleaning: We can use foam as a cleaning agent when working with upholstery fabrics. This method works well when cleaning light residues on delicate materials.
  • Abrasive Cleaning: In some situations, we can use a cleaning method to agitate the surface during cleaning. Abrasive methods work well when dealing with heavy residues on hard, non-porous surfaces.
  • Immersion Cleaning: This technique works well for cleaning items that can be completely saturated with a chemical solution. Smaller items and other contents like Venetian blinds clean up well when soaked in Ultra Content Cleaner and hot water.

If your contents ever get coated by soot after a fire, call SERVPRO of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead at (978) 744-4545.

Do you Smell Burnt Fragrances After a Fire in Peabody?

3/25/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged entertainment center cabinet Odors from this fire will travel throughout your home. SERVPRO has the know how to remove the smoke.

SERVPRO can Help with Deodorization Procedures After a Fire Ignites in your Peabody Home

If a fire gets put out shortly after it ignites, then smoke damage could only affect a small section of your home. Sometimes the affected area can have no structural damage, and residues are light or not visible.

When working on fire restoration in Peabody, deodorization can become a large part of the process when dealing with smaller blazes. Our SERVPRO team can take the following steps when deodorizing light smoke odors:

  • We start with removing the source of the odors if possible.
  • Next, we can ventilate the affected area so that air flows through it.
  • We can then clean all surfaces that have soot residues with a wall and all-surface cleaner.
  • After the surfaces get cleaned, we can then ventilate the room again to figure out if unpleasant aromas remain.
  • Then, we can control vapor odors with odor counteracting beads or pellets.
  • Lastly, we can set up a thermal fogging machine near the fire's source that dispenses microscopic deodorant particles that neutralize malodor molecules.

Anytime you need your house deodorized after a small blaze ignites, call SERVPRO of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead at (978) 744-4545.

Have a Pipe Burst in Salem?

3/18/2021 (Permalink)

water spewing from pipe under sink If dried quickly, this water is clean. But if allowed to sit before removing, it can become contaminated.

SERVPRO can Help with Water Restoration in Salem

Salem, MA, is one of the oldest cities in the country, and it has been around since the early 1600s. The town played a vital role in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. The locale is also known for being home to the infamous Salem Witch Trials in 1692, where 19 people were hung for suspicions of practicing witchcraft.

Salem is Home to Several Famous People

With its vast history of being established for nearly 400 years, many people have helped shape the country's history called Salem their home. Some of the most notable locals include the following people:

  • Roger Conant: He is known as Salem's founder when he settled there with a group of followers after leaving a fishing colony in 1626. The city was first called Naumkeag.
  • John Endicott: Endicott arrived in the area two years after Conant and brought 50 people with him. In 1629, the town got its name from the Hebrew word for "peace."
  • Stephen Clarendon Phillips: He was part of a well-known family that became wealthy through maritime trade. After serving in the state government and the United States Congress, Phillips became Salem's mayor in 1838. He also worked with Horace Mann to improve the public school system.
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne: He has been labeled one of the country's first stellar romantic novelists, and he wrote several books while living in Salem. He once stayed at The House of Seven Gables and then wrote a novel about the estate. He is also known for writing The Scarlet Letter.
  • Elias "King" Derby: After the Revolutionary War ended, Derby led a movement to expand trading efforts to regions as far away as India and China. He became one of the country's first millionaires, and his famous house and wharf are included in the Salem Maritime National Historic Site.
  • Samuel McIntire: He was a famous architect and woodcarver who designed the cities famous Hamilton Hall. He also created two other notable homes in the city that are now part of the Peabody Essex Museum.
  • Thomas Watson: He became famous as being the assistant to Alexander Graham Bell. He was born and raised in Salem, and he helped Bell create the country's first telephone company. Bell also lived in Salem for three years, and he gave the first public telephone demonstration at the city's Lyceum Hall in 1877.

SERVPRO can use a Variety of Professional Products During the Restoration Process

Any time moisture enters your home, there is a possibility that your building materials and contents can get contaminated. Our SERVPRO technicians can utilize products with the following ingredients to prevent contamination from a water intrusion event:

  • Phenolics: Phenols are acidic and work best at a pH between 6 and 7. Sporicidin is an example of a phenolic, and it works well against a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • Chlorines: Vanquish is an example of a chlorine-based product, and it offers low toxicity and has good germicidal properties when fighting bacteria, molds, and viruses.
  • Quaternary Compounds: These products work best if mixed with other solutions in the 9 to 10 pH range. Microban is both a phenolic and a quaternary compound, and it is a broad-spectrum disinfectant.

If you ever need water restoration conducted after a pipe burst in your house, call SERVPRO of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead at (978) 744-4545.

Water Damage To Your Salem Property.

2/24/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPROs team ready 24/7 365 days a year. Water damage done to your property should be handled by the professional team at SERVPRO. They are IICRC certified and trained for any size job.

SERVPRO can provide water restoration services in Salem

The facts show that even a half-inch crack in one of your water pipes can cause hundreds of gallons of water to pour into your structure quickly. If the leak occurs overnight, then the problem may go unnoticed for quite some time. 

SERVPRO is one of the most prominent water restoration companies in Salem, and we know that water leaks can become a major disaster in a short period. In many cases where there is an excessive amount of moisture inside your home, your carpets could get ruined. Water can make the carpeting delaminate, forcing it to be replaced. If your carpets do show signs of delamination, then we can use the following steps to remove them:

  • Determine what sections of carpet need to be removed: We can use a moisture sensor to tell us where the water went.
  • Remove the carpet in small sections: We can cut the affected areas of your carpet and haul it away in small pieces inside sealed trash bags.
  • Remove the pad: Since carpet padding is relatively cheap to replace, we can remove the wet pad to dry the subfloor underneath it.

If your carpets ever get saturated due to a water leak, call SERVPRO of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead at (978) 744-4545. 

Fire Restoration Services in Your Peabody Home.

2/19/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged home Smoke and soot damage from fires is no DIY project. SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified for any size fire restoration service needed for your home

SERVPRO can provide fire damage restoration services in Peabody

Peabody, Ma is a town located in the Northern Shore region about 15 miles northeast of Boston. The small city has about 51,000 people and a land area of around 17 square miles. The town is situated on four major highways, and the downtown strip sees 27,000 cars running through it every day. 

Striving businesses make Peabody a great place to work.

Having a busy downtown strip, easy access to the city, various resources, and incentives makes the city an excellent place to retain businesses. The town's primary industries include healthcare, financial, and technology services. Most of the companies in the area are located in the downtown region, Centennial Park, or the Northshore Mall.

Centennial Park has a plethora of different businesses, from research and development firms to manufacturing professionals. The complex spans over 300 acres and includes open spaces and wooded areas. The park was built in the 1980s, and it is home to companies like Amergent, BMW Service Center, CEVA Logistics, Converge, and ZEISS Microscopy.

The Northshore Mall has excellent access to the highway, where guests can shop in an upscale atmosphere. The mall is home to over 140 stores, including Ann Talyor, Brooks Brothers, and Sephora. The mall also has several restaurants spanning over its two floors, including Tony C's, The Bancroft, and Cafe Nero.

The city's two most notable employers are The Christian Book Distributors and Rousselot Gelatine. Christian Book Distributors started in the 1970s and is now one of the world's leading distributors of Christian products. Rousselot Gelatine was originally founded in France in 1891, and it is now one of the biggest gelatine distributors globally as it offers a wide variety of gelatines, including collagen. 

Peabody is home to several historical landmarks.

  • Fire & Police Memorial: This memorial is the city's way of honoring their first responders that gave their lives to keep the town safe.
  • The George Peabody House Museum: The museum was built to honor the city's most famous resident. Located adjacent to it is the Peabody Leather Workers Museum, which celebrates the city's history as "The Leather Capital of the World."
  • Peabody City Hall: This three-story brick building built in 1883 is now used as an events space, and it houses the city's municipal offices. 
  • The Peabody Historical Fire Museum: This museum is located in an old firehouse built in 1875, and it features rare firefighting-related artifacts from the Northern Shore region.

SERVPRO can help with deodorizing your home after a fire

Any time even a small fire ignites inside your house, the presence of burnt odors can always become a problem. Each of the following products brings about different types of deodorizing actions:

  • Odor Counteracting Beads: The porous materials that make up the beads get permeated with counteractants. Once the package is opened, the odor counteractants travel through the atmosphere.
  • Deodorant Granules: The granules or pellets contain the active ingredient "fuller's earth" that works like a sponge to soak up and hold in unpleasant aromas.
  • Water-Based Odor Counteractants: Many types of deodorants can be mixed with water and added to cleaning solutions to help counteract malodor particles.

If your house smells burnt after a fire, call SERVPRO of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead at (978) 744-4545. 

Mold Remediation in Salem

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

mold damage ceiling SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified. They can handle any size mold remediation service needed for your home.

SERVPRO can provide mold remediation services in the Salem area

Once you find that a fungus has contaminated building materials or contents inside your house, the contamination could be challenging to remove. In some cases, our technicians can scrub the mold off with a rag or a scrub brush, but in other cases, the contamination goes deep into the affected materials.

When conducting mold remediation in Salem, our SERVPRO technicians can use various methods to remove fungal formations from your affected contents and building materials. For example, sanding used to be commonly used to remove the formations from items such as wooden studs. However, sanding can ruin the surface of the material. Instead, professional restoration companies have found the following advantages to soda blasting:

  • The Chemical's Crystalline Structure: During soda blasting, our technicians can use a unit with sodium bicarbonate that consists of microscopic crystals with sharp edges.
  • Remove Contamination Without Harming the Surface: If appropriately done, soda blasting can remove the fungal formations and save the surface of the affected item at the same time.
  • Can Cause Chemical Reactions: The sodium bicarbonate can also help eliminate spores and neutralize mildew-like odors.

If you ever notice that your walls or maybe a piece of furniture is contaminated by fungi, call SERVPRO of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead at (978) 744-4545. 

Speed is Vital for Peabody Flood Water Removal

2/3/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO water damage equipment being used in hallway. Flood cuts on wall Sometimes we need to make flood cuts to thoroughly dry your flood damaged home.

SERVPRO Offers a Fast Flood Water Removal Service

Floods can arrive almost without warning and cause significant damage to your home in a short space of time. You cannot always prevent the damage, but it is essential to act quickly to remedy it.

If you need flood water removal in Peabody, call SERVPRO as soon as you can. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster; our expert teams aim to arrive within four hours of your first call.

Speed is essential because if flood water is left undrained, there is more risk of:

  • Water seeping into walls and causing structural damage
  • Peeling and bubbling of paint and wallpaper
  • Fungal growth inside damp materials
  • Wooden floors warping beyond the point of repair

SERVPRO technicians use a range of free-standing and truck-mounted pumps to evacuate water. Then we set up an optimal drying environment using air movers, dehumidifiers, and portable heaters if necessary. We even use air scrubbers and spot treatments to take care of deodorization and nix those nasty damp smells.

For swift water removal, call SERVPRO of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead at (978) 744-4545.

SERVPRO Helps Salem Businesses Prepare for Water Damage

1/27/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment being used in water damaged room Salem is no stranger to storm damage. Should your home experience a loss event, SERVPRO is on call for restoration.

Preparation is Key in Water Damage Situations 

If you are a business owner, you do not want to have your business closed for any length of time if you can avoid it. A closed business means no customers and no profits. 

Preparation is essential to avoid lengthy closures after water damage to your Salem business. Thankfully SERVPRO makes it easy to prepare with an Emergency READY Profile (ERP). 

Your ERP is an electronic document that contains vital information:

  • Facility details such as remises layout, assembly points, and water shut off locations.
  • The chain of command and who to call in an emergency.
  • A step-by-step plan to get back on your feet following water damage.

You can also use your ERP to authorize your chosen SERVPRO franchise as your emergency remediation team, making it quicker to get in touch and begin the remediation process. 

It is free to download the app and set up your ERP, which means you get a high-value profile at no extra cost to your business. 

To get started with your water damage plan, call SERVPRO of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead at (978) 744-4545.

Keeping Historic Salem Safe from Flood Damage

1/20/2021 (Permalink)

cloud to ground lightning Salem is no stranger to storms, and SERVPRO is always on call to restore your storm damaged home.

Salem Flood Damage Cannot Erase History

Salem barely needs an introduction. This thriving city of 41,340 residents is associated with popular consciousness with the infamous Salem witch trials. When you visit, you will see witch logos on police cars, and local schools often name their sports teams after witches and witch-related phenomena. 

However, there is much more to Salem than the witch trials. The city has a long history stretching back to 1626, when colonists arrived from Cape Ann to settle in the area. Nowadays, Salem is a modern community with green initiatives such as electric car charging points and free bicycles so visitors can explore Salem in an environmentally friendly way. 

It is also a place where history is also close at hand. 

The Historical Sites of Salem 

If you are visiting Salem, do not miss out on these historical gems:

  • Pioneer Village was constructed in the 1930s as the setting for a play. However, the townspeople liked it so much that the city decided to keep it and turn it into a tourist attraction. In June 1930, it became America’s first living history museum. The historical recreation was so accurate that in 1993 Pioneer Village was used to represent seventeenth-century Salem in the opening scenes of Hocus Pocus.
  • Salem Maritime Historic Site lets you take a step into Salem’s rich maritime past. Among the attractions on display, you will find the eighteen-century home of Captain Derby, who was the first millionaire in the New World, a custom house, a storehouse, and a replica tall ship named the Friendship of Salem.
  • The Federal Street Historic District, where you can view the Old Granite Courthouse
  • The Peabody Essex Museum, which holds the record as the longest continually operated museum in the United States.

If you want some fresh air, look no further than Salem Willows, a lush green oceanfront park. The park gets its name from the lovely willow trees planted to provide a shady walk for patients convalescing at the nearby smallpox hospital. Besides peaceful nature walks, you can enjoy seaside fun in the park thanks to its beaches, piers, and boardwalks. Kids are sure to love the playpark, miniature golf, and carousel. 

Floods can Cause Havoc in Salem 

Salem has seen its fair share of storms and floods. In 2018 a winter storm caused flooding severe enough to put Derby Wharf completely underwater, close schools, and render many roads impassable. City officials proclaimed it the worst flooding in the area for more than 50 years. Historical records show that storms and coastal flooding have been an issue in Salem for many centuries.

SERVPRO Advises Residents on Flood Damage Protection 

In the event of flood damage, SERVPRO is here to help. However, it is always better to prevent damage if you can. Some ways to protect your home include:

  • Ensuring doors, windows, gutters, and the roof are sound with no holes, cracks, or missing tiles
  • Installing storm doors or shutters
  • Keeping vital paperwork and medication in waterproof containers and storing them on the upper floor of your house
  • Examining your garden and yard to ensure the ground slopes away from your home

Contact us as soon as you notice flood damage. We can extract water, dry your home and belongings, and even liaise with your insurance company. Call SERVPRO of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead at (978) 744-4545.

Explore A Historic Salem House From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

black and white photo of a street It will be exciting to see the community enjoying the virtual tours to The House Of The Seven Gables.

Salem’s House Of The Seven Gables Is Open For Virtual Tours

People come from far and wide to visit The House Of The Seven Gables in Salem. The house rose to fame after Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 1851 novel of the same name, which was based on the very same house. This winter, you can take a virtual tour of the house from the comfort of your own home.

  • Enjoy a pre-recorded guided tour of the mansion.
  • A brand new 3D tour was added for this season.
  • Explore one of North America’s oldest homes.

Tour tickets cost $10 or are free to Gables members. There are slots available throughout December and early January. Visit the Seven Gables website for more details and to book your tickets. Ticket sales support Seven Gables’ work to be a welcoming site for visitors.

Whether you live in a historic home or a modern duplex, it is essential to be aware of fire risks. If you need help with fire damage restoration, call SERVPRO of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead at (978) 744-4545.