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What Cleaning Products Are Used When Fire Strikes in Salem?

7/30/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO call now Call SERVPRO after you experience a fire incident, we have training in fire & smoke restoration, odor control, upholstery & fabric cleaning.

SERVPRO Uses Professional Cleaning Agents to Batter Fire Damage in Salem

Understanding the type of smoke residue and the material involved is crucial in determining the proper cleaning agent. SERVPRO uses professional cleaning products designed to be tough on soot.

Content Cleaning Products

When fire damage strikes a Salem business, it can shut down the business quickly. Business owners are not always responsible for the structure, but they need to salvage what content they can. SERVPRO uses top-of-the-line cleaning products to remove smoke residue. These include:

  •   Dry Cleaning Solvent – This is a petroleum-based product used in the Ultimate Dry Cleaning Machine. Drapes, curtains, and fabrics that have light soiling are typically what this product gets used on.
  •   Volatile Dry Solvents – This cleaning agent works well as a spotting agent. It evaporates quickly and leaves no residue. Excellent as a smoke residue remover. 
  •   Wood Oil Soaps – A mild detergent that is gentle on surfaces. Used for cleaning light soot on wood surfaces.
  •   Furniture Polishes – All-purpose wax polishes used on wood furniture. Cleans, polishes, and adds a protective coating of wax. 
  •   Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners – SERVPRO uses several shampoos, pretreatments, and fabric rinse to clean carpeting and upholstered items.

Getting You Back in Business

SERVPRO specializes in fire damage restoration that is thorough. We work hard to get your business operating again as quickly as possible. Services we offer include:

  • Smoke remediation
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration and cleanup
  • Water and fire damage restoration
  • Smoke damage services

 Contact SERVPRO of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead at (978) 744-4545  for more information.

Can Textiles with Water Damage in Salem be Cleaned?

7/22/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle SERVPRO has the equipment and skilled technicians to help get your home back in shape after a water mishap.

SERVPRO Uses Select Products as Part of Our Water Mitigation Service in Salem

Fabrics, upholstery, and carpets can become damaged when a water intrusion occurs. Understanding the different levels of clean ensures there are no misunderstandings when cleaning content. 

Three Different Levels of Clean

One person’s level of cleanliness is not the same as another’s.  SERVPRO techs get trained to understand the main levels of clean as part of water mitigation in Salem. This training helps customers to understand what is happening when the cleaning process takes place. If a couch is heavily soiled before water damage occurs, it will not look pristine when cleaned by our techs. Here are the definitions:

  • Sterile – A surface is considered sterile if it is free of soils and microorganisms. An example of a sterile area would be an operating room. While we do a thorough cleaning, it is almost impossible to create this situation in a home or business.
  •   Disinfected – When 99& of the soils and microorganisms get removed from a surface, it meets the criteria. Disinfecting can be achieved in certain circumstances, but there are cases where textiles must be disposed of properly. 
  •   Sanitary – This level of cleanliness gets defined by ensuring soil and microorganisms get removed to the point of health safety. Anything that remains is at an acceptable level. 

Our equipment and cleaning agents are the best in the industry. Sanitary is the minimum level we accept, and we always strive higher.  Contact SERVPRO of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead at (978) 744-4545 for more information.

How Can Basement Flooding Cleanup Get Underway for Peabody Homes?

7/5/2021 (Permalink)

lightning against dark sky When storms cause water to enter your basement, SERVPRO techs available to make it "Like it never even happened."

Fast Mitigation can Protect the Basement and Foundation of Peabody Homes After Flooding

Prompt flood mitigation is vital for Peabody homes. When the basement becomes damaged by intruding water, our team can offer fast water removal and drying options to help.

Floodwater Removal from Basement Floors

Because flood damage to Peabody homes can be devastating, immediate action is necessary to begin mitigating losses. Our SERVPRO professionals have several extraction devices to manage standing water and debris from the basement level. High-pressure pumps and truck-mount extractors have the power to pull water over considerable distances and heights to address basement standing water concerns.

Thorough Drying of Supports and Joists

Drying up the damage after a flooding incident is critical to preventing secondary effects like mold or multiplying contaminants and pathogenic threats. We strategically place our efficient drying equipment throughout this lower level and monitor the progress with moisture meters and infrared imagery. Some of the tools used in this venture include:

  • Air movers
  • Dehumidification equipment
  • Positive pressure systems
  • Portable heaters

Mold Prevention and Surface Cleaning Solutions

After flooding, elements in the basement can be met with residues and soils that can be harmful and destructive to underlying substrates. We prioritize surface cleaning to prevent situations where possible contaminants can multiply and spread in the house. Biocides and disinfectant cleaning products are a large part of our surface cleaning strategies for flooded basements.

As challenging as flooding can be, our SERVPRO of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead team can help. We are ready 24/7 at (978) 744-4545.

What Are the First Actions Taken to Restore Water-Damaged Salem Homes?

6/24/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment being used in water damaged building Sometimes we need to remove drywall to completely dry the area. SERVPRO is equipped and trained to handle any water remediation you may need.

Emergency Services Play a Critical Part in Preserving Salem Residences After Water Damages

Mitigation is among the most critical phases of water restoration for area homes and businesses. These actions encompass several strategies to benefit the home and protect property owners from more significant expenses or lengtheir restoration processes.

Content Relocation and Cleaning

One way that water mitigation in Salem homes can help is through content relocation and cleaning. Keepsakes and heirlooms have no replacement or counterpart, so when flooding and water damage impact these items too severely, they could be lost forever. Our SERVPRO professionals work on relocating affected contents to protect against irreparable harm.

Water Removal Services for Surface Water Concerns

Eliminating standing water from areas of the house is a focus of our responding professionals. With leading extraction tools like submersible pumps and wet vacuums, we can quickly manage surface water concerns to begin the drying process.

Controlled Demolition for Structural Hazards

Structural demolition and bulk material removal are not always required but can provide a safe work environment and access to damaged areas for drying when it is. With a general contractor license, our SERVPRO techs can perform controlled demolition and a wealth of reconstruction and repair services after that. Materials requiring removal can include:

  • Drywall
  • Flooring
  • Ceiling materials
  • Insulation
  • Broken plumbing

With how vital mitigation is for water-damaged homes, you can trust the experienced professionals of our SERVPRO of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead team to help. We are available 24/7 at (978) 744-4545.

What Are Efficient Mold Management Techniques for Salem Medical Facilities?

6/18/2021 (Permalink)

Outside view of hospital SERVPRO can safely remediate mold from medical facilities. Call us today.

Salem Hospitals Contending with Microbial Growth Require Immediate Attention from SERVPRO Remediators

There is no time to waste when mold gets discovered in an area hospital or clinic. Mold organisms can agitate health conditions or create hazardous environments, making a prompt response by our SERVPRO team vital in restoring and remediating the loss.

How Can SERVPRO Clean Up After Mold Damage?

The less upheaval and disarray after mold damage to Salem medical facilities, the better. We work to provide these structures with suitable surface cleaning solutions to remove active mold colonization. Fungi and mold colonies can multiply and grow fast, making these remediation solutions crucial to begin immediately. Some solutions include:

  • Surface cleaning
  • Biocides EPA approved
  • Sanding
  • Media blasting
  • Controlled demolition

Are Black Mold Odors a Threat for Medical Facilities? 

While odors might not be a direct health hazard for those exposed, they can provide an unsavory condition for patients and staff working in the facility. Addressing harsh, musty smells fast can be critical in restoring the clean and sanitary conditions expected of a reputable medical building. Our SERVPRO professionals have multiple strategies to help, including portable deodorizers, air scrubbers outfitted with HEPA and charcoal filtration, and stationary tools like hydroxyl machines.

We strive to achieve CERTIFIED SERVPRO CLEANED for commercial buildings, especially ones engaged in health care. Typically, the responsible party will can in an Industrial Hygienist to take air and surface samples. Once it is cleared of mold, we can leave, and not a moment before.

Because of how critical clean and safe work environments are for medical facilities, many trust our SERVPRO of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead team to provide these results. We have experience and industry-leading equipment, so mold loss is “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (978) 744-4545.

Peabody Homeowners Count on SERVPRO Technicians for Water Damage Mitigation

6/2/2021 (Permalink)

cut out water damaged ceiling revealing plumbing SERVPRO will leave this water damaged Peabody home, "Like it never even happeded."

SERVPRO offers a Fast Response to All Water Damage incidents in Peabody

When you need water removal services in Peabody, work with a service provider who offers immediate action. Our SERVPRO technicians provide quick response since they know the region so well and use advanced equipment to ensure the restoration process happens as soon as possible. To ensure all your contents are thoroughly dried, we closely monitor and document all the restoration steps.

How Does SERVPRO Dry Water Damaged Sections Of Your Peabody Home?

Drying floors and walls in your water-damaged Peabody property can be challenging. It is especially complicated if there is some cabinetry in such areas since the drying process can take a long time. If your cabinets do not have a back, we can enhance air circulation by drilling holes and then direct air into the wall voids. Once the sections are completely dry, we can patch up the holes. This positive pressure forced air is a proven method to expedite evaporation. Our SERVPRO team also:

  • Removes vinyl wall covering to dry the covered wall sections
  • Decontaminates and cleans sheet metal ducting
  • Install dehumidifiers to speed up drying
  • Remove wet insulation to lower chances of mold growth

SERVPRO of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead offers emergency water cleanup services that make your property appear “Like it never even happened.” Call (978) 744-4545 to have all your questions answered.

When a House Fire Strikes Your Salem Home

5/26/2021 (Permalink)

servpro trucks parked at apt building night Fire and Smoke Cleanup for Salem Buildings is a phone call away for SERVPRO--24/7/365

Rely on SERVPRO to Restore Your Fire Damaged Contents in Salem

Fire damage incidents in Salem are unpredictable, and when they happen, most property owners do not have the experience to determine what is salvageable and what needs to be replaced. Our SERVPRO technicians have the experience and skills to help you restore the salvageable items and advise on what to replace or refinish. By working with our team, you save on fixing what you could have easily discarded

Which Fire and Smoke Cleanup Methods Do SERVPRO Technicians use in Salem?

The method that our SERVPRO technicians choose to clean items in your fire-damaged home in Salem depends on several factors. For instance, the restoration procedure we use to clean grease-based smoke particles from the walls is different from the one we can use to clean non-grease soilings off the floors. We can use clean sponges to dry-wipe light to medium residues from hard surfaces such as tiled floors. Additionally, we can do the following

  • We can wet-clean surfaces such as walls that have heavy to moderate residues
  • We can spray and wipe to clean electronics that are likely to be damaged if thoroughly saturated (outside covers only)
  • Through abrasive cleaning, we can clean soot particles off metallic surfaces
  • Perform deodorization to neutralize odors

SERVPRO of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead can professionally clean your property to make it feel like home again. Call 978) 634-3371 to work with a locally-owned firm.

Hiring Mold Removal Companies For Localized Infestations In Salem Properties

5/24/2021 (Permalink)

Mold on Ceiling in Close up SERVPRO is Here to Help if mold damages your business.

SERVPRO Helps with Black Mold Damage Repairs of Any Kind in Salem Businesses

In most cases, mold tends to develop and cover vast property sections, such as walls and ceilings. However, sometimes the problem can be localized to a small area. Localized infestations might also remain hidden longer, thus worsening the outcome.

Even when dealing with a localized infestation, help from Salem mold removal companies is essential to guarantee faster turnaround and better outcomes. Our SERVPRO technicians first establish the possible moisture sources in the affected area and address them. 

How Do Mold Removal Companies Like SERVPRO Assist When Mold is Localized?

Mold colonies left untouched over extended periods tend to leave an unsightly mess of black spots and discolored patches. Mold also eats into organic materials compromising their structural integrity. Our SERVPRO technicians evaluate materials in the surrounding areas to determine where removal is necessary or if cleaning can do the job. For a localized infestation, we perform controlled demolition removing only the affected materials, then use various cleaning approaches, including HEPA vacuuming and damp wiping. We can help you when you need:

  • Mold remediation
  • Mold specialists
  • Mold Inspection

SERVPRO of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead is one of the reliable mold removal companies that can help your business. Call us at (978) 744-4545.

Oh No! A Water Leak in Salem

5/20/2021 (Permalink)

broken fitting spewing water Your Salem home has a friend in SERVPRO for water damage cleanup. We fix the leak and then fix the house, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Has the Expertise to respond to all Urgent Water Damage Incidents in Salem

Many unfortunate incidents are likely to create the need for water cleanup services in Salem. It can be due to a leaky roof, a burst pipe, or the water accumulating in a building after extinguishing a fire. Cleaning up the water without the right tools is a very demanding task, so you need to work with experienced professionals such as SERVPRO. Since not all incidents are the same, we have to assess the situation and plan accordingly.

How Does SERVPRO Extract Water From Your Salem Home?

If there is water on the floors, our SERVPRO team uses portable extractors during water damage restoration in Salem. If your house has heavy carpeting, we can use a wand to extract the water, but we do not do it aggressively to avoid causing carpet delamination. We only use pumps when we are sure the water does not contain solid materials or debris. We can also do the following when drying your property:

  • Use a moisture sensor to detect moisture in your upholstery
  • Use moisture meters to find out whether there is moisture in the wooden flooring
  • Use a thermo-hygrometer to check the relative humidity of the rooms

Our trained technicians at SERVPRO of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead respond quickly to all water damage cleanup emergencies. Call (978) 634-3371 seven days a week - including holidays - and have your property returned to its preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."

Why is Fire and Smoke Cleanup Challenging for Salem Residents?

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

kitchen fire Smoke and soot damage is no easy task. SERVPRO has IICRC certified-trained technicians with the experience you are looking for.

SERVPRO is Trained to Recognize and Remove Different Types of Fire Damage from your Salem Home. 

Smoke can permeate a structure quickly during a fire. These aerosols made up of carbon, chemicals, and liquid can also adhere to surfaces in your home, making them a challenge to remove. While opening windows and light-vacuuming can help to reduce losses, we recommend that you contact a professional service for help with:

  • Fire damage restoration 
  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Fire damaged homes

Our fire and smoke cleanup team in Salem can mobilize equipment and workforce in as little as four hours after receiving notification of loss. Local technicians can provide insight into the unique material construction and building assembly of your home. These benefits allow us to be confident of returning your property to its preloss condition after the fire

  • We use cutting-edge technology and the theory of fire to enact a modern solution to removing soots and smokes.
  • Equipment such as abrasion cleaners, compressed air, and jet washing can remove smoke residues quickly.
  • Our comprehensive odor control strategies can reduce the secondary damages associated with fire. 

Get your home back to a normal condition. Contact SERVPRO of Salem / Peabody / Marblehead for fire and smoke cleanup at (978) 744-4545.